David Bosch Memorial Lecture

The evening at the campus of North-west University, was opened with time of joyful praise, being led by chairperson of the dept of Missiology, Prof Derrick Mashau and his gospel band. He then opened with prayer, and the welcomed in our midst, Mrs Annemie Bosch. The group embodied not only the theme of the congress, but also the life and work of Prof David Bosch. He then introduced the keynote speaker, Dr Siga Arles. The choice of Dr Arles, is not insignificant in this context. He was instrumental in making, what many understand to be the magnus opus of Bosch, Transforming Mission, available to the Asian theological community, namely US$10. He describe, what he calls the poverty of books, where containers comes from the West with books that are either irrelevant for the Indian context, but many times books that were simply too old.
Then, he dealt with the question what is the relevance of Bosch’s missiology for developing an Indian Christian identity, quoting amongst others, Burrows, who states, ‘Transforming Mission is a book for the post-colonial world’. There is ( in India) a need for authentic Indians spreading the gospel. Afterwhich he discussed the implications for of Transforming Mission, for  India and South Asia. The full paper will be posted on the site, although it is being prepared to publication, possibly in Missionalia

One thought on “David Bosch Memorial Lecture

  1. Just discovered your blog. I’m starting some research on David Bosch as public theologian at TUKS, would like to get hold of the paper of Dr Arles, I could find it in Missionalia, but would like to have it before September, and earlier is better. Where can I get hold of it?

    Also, the Burrows he quoted, could you provide a link to where this quote came from?

    You can mail me at cobus.w@gmail.com

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