Call for Papers: Claiming conceptual space

Claiming conceptual space. Reimagining the study of religion and theology: changing contexts and social discourses

A conference on Theory of Religion and Theology

Hosted by the North-South partnership between the Research Division of the Huguenot College and the Society for Theory and religion and Theology, based at the Dept of New Testament and Early Christian Studies at the University of South Africa.

Date: 6-9 April 2009
Venue: Huguenot College, Wellington, South Africa.

Proposal s for papers are invited to address the following:

  • Conceptuality and construction: the Proporium of ‘religious discourse’ and the nature of ‘theology’;
  • Technologies of transcendental discourses: the politics of religion, identity and memorialisaton
  • reimagining disciplinary practices: testing the boundaries-inter, intra, and transdisciplinarity;
  • Conceptualizing from a place; contextualization, relevance and practices

proposals should be submitted electronically in Word format to the organisers:

Prof Gerhard van den Heever
Dept of New Testament and Early Christian Studies


Prof Ignatius Swart
Division of Research, Hugenot College

300 words, clearly indicating the title, proposer, institutional affiliation, plus 5-8 key words and an indication which aspect of the conference theme will be addressed or explored.

Deadline:  30 Sept 2009

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