Conference on healing a mission in Africa

The Foundation for the Promoting of Reformed Missiology and Ecumenics” (PROMISE) cordially invites you to a conference on healing and mission in Africa.

Place: Boardroom and Hall, Dirk van der Hoff Building, Jacob Maréstraat 218-224, Pretoria

Date: Tuesday 27 October and Wednesday 28 October 2009

Program: Tuesday 27 October

14:30 Opening – Dr Paul Visser, Den Haag (Chairperson of the Foundation)

15:00 Lecture and discussion – Finding a place for Jesus as healer in Reformed mission in Africa – Prof Natie van Wyk, Pretoria

17:30 Supper

18:30 Lecture and discussion – African culture, healing and Reformed mission – Prof Derrick Mashau, Potchefstroom

21:00 Closing devotion – Prof Pieter Tuit, Grand Rapids

Wednesday 28 October

9:00 Devotion – Prof Ban Garcia, Tjakarta

9:30 Lecture and discussion – Healing and the covenant in Reformed Missiology – Prof Kees Haak, Kampen

12:00 General discussion

13:30 Lunch and closing prayer

Meals will be provided free of charge. Please let me know whether you could attend and whether we should prepare meals for you.

Yours truly, Prof Natie van Wyk

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