Book Launch: David J Bosch Prophetic integrity, cruciform praxis

David Bosch’s book, Transforming Mission, has been translated into 15 languages and read by thousands of people worldwide. This makes it one of the most influential missiology textbooks ever written. And yet most of the readers of Transforming Mission do not know much about who David Bosch was and how his missiological ideas developed out of his experiences in South Africa. In this book a number of people who were closely acquainted with him reveal the inside story of who he was and how he lived.

The three sections of this book look at Bosch’s life from different angles. It does not present a definitive biography, but a range of perspectives on his praxis. In the first section a few close friends, including his widow Annemie, write about how they experienced him and what he meant to them. The other two sections were written by Willem Saayman and Klippies Kritzinger, who were Bosch’s colleagues at Unisa. They describe and analyse his theological journey from a racist Afrikaner nationalism into a life of prophetic witness to God’s inclusive justice and compassion. Drawing on some hitherto unpublished talks and sermons, the book gives a unique insight into the life of one of the world’s most influential missiologists.

About the authors

The two authors were long-standing friends and colleagues of David Bosch: Willem Saayman taught full-time at Unisa from 1978 to 1998 and is still attached to it as emeritus professor. Klippies Kritzinger has been teaching at Unisa since 1981. Both were deeply influenced by David Bosch as a theological mentor and academic role model, until his tragic death in 1992. He helped them grow and develop intellectually as they collaborated on various study guides and other projects, including the Southern African Missiological Society (SAMS) and the journal Missionalia. As a result of this, they are well placed to provide insight into how Bosch’s mission praxis developed and to analyse the interplay between his life and his thought.


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