Social and Missiological analysis of Religion and Empire in South Africa and the rest of continent.

Religious communities and ideas have always played a critical role in how societies viewed and structured themselves, but also in the transformation thereof.  In the Southern African community this role has been played alongside many other belief systems and institutions and for good reason, has been contested in many ways as well. The Christian community has an ambiguous legacy in this regard, yet one has to acknowledge that interestingly, loyalty to this faith tradition remains high in what some would call a post-colonial or neo-colonial, neo-imperial context. The reality of empire seems to remain a critical lens to analyse this interplay.

The Southern African Missiological Society (SAMS) aims at critical participation in, but also scholarship and transformation of this important interplay. As a community, we concede our participation in the aforementioned legacy, but we also share a commitment to reflect on this and continue on a pilgrimage of transformation.  Our journal and conferences, as well as various other forms of engagement attest to this commitment. One of our new exiting developments is a conversation by and with a younger generation of activists, thinkers and bloggers, face to face, as well as through various social media platforms.

Annual conference 2012

With this in mind, SAMS invites you to join us in this endeavour at our annual congress 17-20 Jan 2012, at University of South Africa (Unisa) in Tswane, South Africa, by presenting fresh research and stories, reflecting a Social and/or Missiological analysis of Religion and Empire, in Southern Africa and the rest of the continent.  Our focus would be developments the last decade, with a focus on the role of religious communities.

We welcome papers and case studies, addressing this focus through themes ranging from interreligious dialogue, Christian-Muslim joint action, African Traditional Religion perspectives, Migration, Xenophobia and Religion, Pentecostal and Charismatic studies, Faith and the Public square, Popular faith and social media, local faith communities and peace, Religious communities and ecolocy, etc. On the basis of the themes emerging from abstracts and paper proposals, we will structure the format of the conference and explore the possibilities of  study groups and further collaboration.

Remember the first day of the conference 17 Jan 2012, will be dedicated to a multi-media, dialogue amongst cohort of emerging voices in dialogue on this overall theme. Send your ideas, as well on our blog and
Facebook page, Southern African Missiological Society.
You may follow us and tweet your ideas, via Twitter @missionalia

(1) Proposed topic, with 150-200-word abstract, is due by 16 Sept 2011.
(2) Draft paper is due by 13 Jan 2012.

Guidelines for writing paper: Papers are not to exceed 4,000 words, including notes. Writers will be expected to strictly adhere to the Style Guide for Missionalia.

Process governing acceptance of paper:
All proposals and abstracts must be send here
It will be carefully reviewed by the SAMS Standing Committee, who will finalize the program.
Writers will be notified of the committee’s decision before 30 Sept 2011.
The draft papers will be uploaded on the member section of our website, on 14 Jan 2012 our for downloading and preparation before the actual conference.


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