Joint Theological Conference 2012: Call for Papers #Missiology

As you might know, we as the community of scholars and practitioners are gearing up for the International Assembly of the IAMS in Toronto, Canada, August 2012 (Toronto 2012).

Recently we as standing committee of the Southern African Missiological Society (SAMS) resolved to extend an invitation to all our colleagues and those in the various social sciences, to join forces, in research on the very relevant theme, nl:

Migration, Human Dislocation, and the Good News:

Margins as the Center in Christian Mission

 We found this theme of Toronto 2012 to be extremely relevant for our context, although we also recognize that we all might approach this from different angles and levels. Of course, our different contexts also play a role in these variations; we feel that this should be affirmed.

Hence, we hereby want to invite you to participate in a Regional Research Collaboration, in presenting current research to address these pressing themes for our context, but also, in line of the theme for Toronto 2012. It means that we envision working together on this theme, yet also allow for local, paradigmatic and methodological particularities. In this respect, we would encourage joint contributions; in particular, those which contribute to our practice as missiologists, but also congregations, mission movements and individual practitioners in the field. We however remain conscious of the academic level and conventions in our discipline as we prepare for Toronto 2012.

In view of the aforementioned we envision the following process:

1) You notify us of your intention to participate in the collaboration: ASAP

2) You send us (SAMREC) an abstract, as well as an abstract to the IAMS secretariat, by 31 January 2012

3) You send us (SAMREC) an first draft, as well to the IAMS secretariat,, by 01 June 2012.

4) At the Joint Conference 22 June 2012 and IAMS assembly, August 2012, you present the full paper,

5) You receive feedback and we submit it for peerreview at Missionalia, to be published in November 2012, edition.

Let’s join hands to make a difference in our continent.


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