Migration in Africa Research: Date for proposals extended. #missiology #SAMREC

I’m sure you’ll agree with us that Migration in Africa is a critical issue. It touches on issues of refugees, xenophobia, dislocation, etc. The Southern African Missiological Research Collaboration (SAMREC), under SAMS, aims at publishing some fresh research on this theme.

Recently we as standing committee of the Southern African Missiological Society (SAMS) resolved to extend an invitation to all our colleagues and those in the various social sciences, to join forces, in research on the very relevant theme. We found the theme of the IAMS conference in Toronto, August 2012 to be extremely relevant for our context, although we also recognize that we all might approach this from different angles and levels. Of course, our different contexts also play a role in these variations; we feel that this should be affirmed.

In dealing with migration a wide range of issues come to mind: types of migration, security, socio-economic issues, political issues, cultural issues, health, transport, poverty, unemployment, children, women, racism, sexism, classism, xenophobia, violence,  religion,  ecology, education , peace building, conflict resolution, identity and unity etc. Important questions in choosing a topic for your paper will be: where is Christian mission located in all of these matters in their connectedness to migration? Where is the church located? Where is theological education located in these matters in a continent where migration has become a way of life? The papers should either be aimed at problem solving or hypothesis generating.

Hence, we hereby want to invite you again, to participate in a Regional Research Collaboration, in presenting current research to address these pressing themes for our context, but also in line of the theme for Toronto 2012. It means that we envision working together on this theme, yet also allow for local, paradigmatic and methodological particularities. In this respect, we would encourage joint contributions; in particular, those which contribute to our practice as missiologists, but also congregations, mission movements and individual practitioners in the field. We however remain conscious of the academic level and conventions in our discipline as we prepare for Toronto 2012. In view of the aforementioned we envision the following process:

You notify us of your intention to participate in the collaboration: 15 March 2012

Drop us a comment with contact details and we’ll email to you the relevant guidelines and time scales.

Looking forward to work together on this.


10 thoughts on “Migration in Africa Research: Date for proposals extended. #missiology #SAMREC

  1. We’ll send it to the email attached to your FB account. If you didn’t get it, just give us a shout. Tx for the interest.

  2. This draws me like a magnet. I would like to collaborate – reflecting on the migrant labour system and a theology of land. Please mail me: learnmylanguage at gmail dot com

  3. Hi Steve. Its the same one yes.I’ve forwarded to you the call for abstracts. Looking forward to the interaction in PMB.

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